Cost-Effective Means of Measuring Flowing Bottom Hole Pressures

When installed below standard artificial lift completions it allows an operator to acquire real-time flowing bottom hole pressure and temperature at the fluid entry point. The gauge is conveyed at the end of the tubing string with the communication/power line running along the outside of the tubing to surface.

The SageWatch™ system has the ability to be run in conjunction with a packer or tubing anchor and can incorporate downhole separators if required. Once deployed, pressure and temperature data is continuously transmitted to the surface which eliminates the need for batteries and data storage required by memory gauges. The surface interrogator collects the data at the wellsite and can be accessed locally or transmitted wirelessly via any typical field SCADA-type system.

Benefits of this system include:

  • Real-time flowing bottom hole pressure and temperature

  • Maximize rod pump and gas lift efficiency to reduce lifting costs

  • Ability to optimize drainage across the field

  • Used in conjunction with standard completion methods

  • Fully retrievable and reusable

  • Utilizes highly accurate quartz sensors and cost-effective piezo sensors

  • Data is transmitted to remote facility or corporate office

  • Well connectivity data when run in every well