World-Class Gas Lift Design, Installation and Service

The most trusted name in downhole monitoring is now applying that expertise to gas lift.

Gas lift is an effective and economical artificial lift solution from initial kick-off through eventual well depletion. SageLift™ Electric Gas Lift (EGL) is a revolutionary new technology designed to increase production and provide significant cost savings for the life of the well. EGL allows you to dynamically and precisely control the gas lift process at all times. 

SageLift™ EGL pairs custom designed bi-directional gas lift valves with SageWatch™ real-time downhole pressure and temperature gauges to provide an innovative artificial lift solution. SageLift™ valves can be operated on demand to maximize unloading and optimize injection rates.

Pressure and Temperature gauges are independent of the valves and can be positioned anywhere along the wellbore maximizing the versatility of each system. Multiple gauges are run on a single TEC cable utilizing our dual cable head feed-thru gauge design eliminating the need for downhole splices. Once deployed, pressure and temperature data is continuously transmitted to the surface via the TEC cable. The surface interface unit collects the data at the wellsite, provides battery back up, and communicates with the cloud based software hosted by either SageRider or the operator themselves.

Create An Optimized Gas Lift Solution:

  • Unloading wells in their early stages

  • Producing wells that can no longer flow naturally

  • Increasing production rates of a flowing well

  • Can accommodate deviated or horizontal well bores

  • Removing solids during backflow

  • Easily product wells with sand and scale problems.

  • Later in the well life, gas lift will work with plunger lift to reduce operating expenses.

Benefits of SageLift include:

  • Manual or automated operation

  • Valves are control at the surface

  • Ability to switch between annular and tubular flow without intervention

  • Independent gauge and valve placement

  • Precise injection controlled with infinitely variable ports

  • Turnkey installation services

Our gas lift experts partner with you to create an optimized lift solution, based upon your specific needs and challenges.

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