The next generation of paraffin treatment technologies.

United States Patent No. US 9,982,514 B2

The SageRider PMT (Paraffin Melting Tool) is a patented battery powered tool designed to be conveyed on all forms of wireline (Slickline, Braided Line & E-line). The system utilizes heat as well as a cutting system to remove the paraffin from the production tubing wall and bring tubing back to full drift.  The PMT is designed to heat the cutting head to more than 450 degrees F, which allows for full removal and full drift production tubing. Through a strong understanding of the paraffin make up as well as current methods deployed, the PMT is a game changer in paraffin removal and maintenance.

The PMT System has taken traditional land paraffin removal operations that previously took 4-8 hours and cut it down to 45 minutes. The system will allow for more wells to be serviced in a shorter time frame than present methods.  This time savings will allow both land and offshore operators the ability to treat paraffin in the most time-effective manner possible.

Benefits of this system include:

  • Tubing is cleaned to full drift, unlike current method

  • Reduction in maintenance time and frequency

  • Well able to produce at full production string capacity

  • Allows logging and well servicing tool string to perform operations as designed

  • No old paraffin left in the tubing, extending the time it takes for the paraffin to build back up

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