Innovative Carbon Capture Monitoring Solutions

Real-Time Monitoring of Class VI Wells

SageRider's advanced Carbon Capture Monitoring Systems provide comprehensive tools to monitor Class VI wells in real-time. Whether you have Injectors, In Zone Monitoring, Above Confining Zone or Underground Sources of Drinking Water to monitor, SageRider has the best solutions for all of these applications.

SageRider utilizes state of the art Pressure/Temperature sensors and DAS / DTS / DSS Fiber Optic Technologies to completely monitor all phases of CCS Projects.  These systems allow for the measuring of pressures, temperatures, seismic profiles and other critical aspects of carbon capture installations. Learn more about our products here.

SageWatch - Real-Time Pressure and Temperature Monitoring:

  • Downhole pressure and temperature monitoring of ACZ, Injector, USDW and IZM Wells

  • Monitor reservoir pressure, internal casing pressure or a combination of the two

  • Verification of reservoir characteristics and injection pressures.

Fiber Optics - Distributed Temperature & Acoustic Monitoring:

  • Provide continuous and permanent profile monitoring in real-time across entire wellbore

  • Assist in characterizing CO2 reservoir conditions, geological compartmentalization and changes over the life of the well

  • Casing and cement integrity monitoring, leak detection and reservoir model calibration.

Data Analysis Solutions:

  • Ensure reliable storage of CO2, which is crucial to designing, operating and verifying a CCUS project

  • Analysis of DTS & DAS data for qualitative and quantitative wellbore flow, reservoir flow, reservoir description, wellbore and reservoir integrity, pressure transient for reservoir properties

  • DAS as geophone for VSP and other seismic technologies