An innovative technology for downhole water disposal

The WaterRider™ Downhole Disposal Tool is designed to drastically eliminate water production to the surface by separating gas from water in the downhole environment. Using standard rod pump lift systems, the force of each rod stroke diverts and drives water from a production zone back into a disposal zone within the same wellbore. It is deployed beneath the production zone and incorporates a packer positioned above a pre-planned disposal zone. To maintain the isolation of the water in this zone, a Back Pressure Valve would be added to the end of the tubing string.

By utilizing the WaterRider™ Disposal Tool, Operators can drastically reduce or eliminate water disposal costs while decreasing the environmental footprint of their operations.

Benefits of this tool:

  • Drastically reduces produced water.

  • Utilizes the stroke of existing rod pump equipment to operate tool.

  • Eliminates water transportation and disposal costs.

  • Water is diverted into a disposal zone through a one-way check valve.

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