A reliable technology giving the operator the ability to measure distributed acoustics and temperature across an entire well bore.

Fiber Optic sensing technology allows for data collection across an entire wellbore, for the life of the well, in a reliable and cost-effective manner. Since 2008, SageRider has become a leader in this field of optical sensing systems.  Due to SageRider’s broad knowledge base in both fiber optic sensing technology and oilfield services, we are well suited for the engineering and operational demands of the industry. We offer comprehensive monitoring solutions, including design, installation, analysis/reporting and support for the life of the system. 

Monitoring systems include custom fiber optic cables suitable for any downhole environment; along with cable protection and a variety of temporary and permanent surface data acquisition systems that allow for real-time data delivery directly to the client's office. When using permanent fiber optic distributed sensing systems, operators can capture critical thermal and acoustic events to help eliminate the risk of well intervention. SageRider’s excellent track record in casing conveyed sensor deployment has proven to be invaluable to the successful installation of these systems.

Benefits of Fiber Optic Monitoring:

  • Deployable on tubing, casing or coiled tubing

  • Suitable for temperatures up to 300° C

  • Distributed temperature, acoustics and strain on the same cable

  • Allows for data collection without well intervention or changes in well operation

  • Real time data collection during cementing, frac, flowback and production


  • Distributed temperature sensing

  • Distributed acoustic sensing

  • Distributed strain sensing

  • Distributed pressure sensing - in development


  • Continuous production logging

  • Frac & stimulation monitoring

  • Injection profiling

  • Artificial lift monitoring

  • Leak detection

  • Completion integrity monitoring

  • SAGD sub cool optimization

  • CSS & thermal recovery optimization


  • Project engineering and management

  • Project feasibility studies and system design

  • Intergrated installation services

  • Data analysis and reporting

  • Data management

  • Field to desk data telemetry and storage

  • Data visualization